Tantric Yoga Positions

Tantric Yoga Positions

The ancestry of the classic Tantra started as early as the Indus Valley civilization. The principal goal is to integrate or unify the male and female perspectives within an individual in order to attain artistic thinking and spiritual conversion. According to the beliefs back then, one way to accomplish that aim is by doing the Tantric Yoga Positions.

By "Tantra", we mean expansion, while "Yoga" is concentration. Thus, the Tantric yoga positions pertain to directing and increasing a person's energy in order to carry out the goals of tantra. The act is more than just a training or an ordinary workout; it is also a principle of life. The practice can be found on different beliefs and ideas, such as Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and even the New Age Movement.

Tantric yoga positions and the practice itself also consider our universe as an expression of either the Cosmic Mother (Shakti), the Spirit, or even the life force, depending on what faith or religion they based it on. Frankly, it is not easy to become an expert on these because it cannot simply be understood through reading books. A yogi who wants to go through this practice must be fully-dedicated to the guru in order to win it out.

This is how typical tantric yoga positions and courses go: With a mind free from obscene or unclean ideas and yearnings, the guru just sits peacefully. The student, on the other hand, assembles his or her own life force with the use of perception and cognition. Then it moves up from the tail bone to the neck, and through the spine, and until it reaches the yogi's forehead. The accumulated results will then eventually be disposed from the forehead to create a frame of light and energy which will unfold until it becomes the size of a human being.

The fictitious frame of light and energy corresponds to the yogi's being and significance. Tantric yoga positions govern love towards it before taking it back to the person's forehead, and back down to the spine. Once the light bounced back inside, the yogi will experience spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Tantric yoga positions and practices are good resolutions to get away from unfavorable habits like drinking and smoking. Indeed, it is a good way to maintain a good health and live a clean life. Only that, the yogi must have full certainty, purity, boldness, and commitment to the guru.


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